NEWS FLASH (in rolling, italicized script, once I get a real website,)

Due to an altercation that occurred after hours last night at Weirdos, there is the possibility of outdoor permit forfeiture.

All bands have been contacted and are on alert. This does NOT effect the indoor stage.

Heading out after Sports from NY gets here to try and secure an alternate venue 3 miles closer to downtown in the even permits are revoked.

Check back on Facebook and Twitter for details as they occur.

Don’t you love a good story? BTW… Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeats kicked so much ass last night!!!

Good morning Austin… The music begins TODAY at Weirdos!

Below is the entire list of schedule performers and their time slots. We have a few special guests lined up, so you’ll just have to come by to see what plans we have in store! RSVP at our Facebook and show your support!

We have been asked to begin scheduling NXNA 2 already, and will actively seeking submissions from artists beginning MARCH 22ND.

Amazing talent, 3 fully stocked bars with great food and drink,TONS (i’m not kidding) TONS of space, volleyball courts, free admission, ALL AGES until 9pm, and definitely one of the coolest spots I have ever seen in my life… Come on down! Again, music begins at 3pm!

North By North Austin Time Slots:

Tuesday 3/13 INSIDE 

3pm Kim Monroe and Chris Eves (NY)

4pm Elephants Gerald  (MD)

5pm The Spring Standards (NY)

6pm Kevin Garrett (NYC)

7pm Andrew Greacen  (NY)

8pm Tom Vickers Band (TX)

9pm The Old Holdouts (TX)

11pm Soundspeak (NYC)

12am Charley Orlando (NY)

Wednesday 3/14 INSIDE

3pm Canary (MA)

4pm TBA

5pm The Foreign Resort (Denmark)

6pm Alex Schein (NYC)

7pm David Allyn (TX)

8pm Charley Orlando (NY)

10pm A/C/D Jam (NY/TX)

11pm The Bottom Dollars (NYC)

12am Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeats (CA)

1am Juston Stens and The G.R.G. (PA)

Thursday 3/15 INSIDE 

3pm Sports (NY)

4pm Brick and Mortar (NJ TAKEOVER)

5pm The Front Bottoms (NJ TAKEOVER)

6pm River City Extension (NJ TAKEOVER)

7pm Stokeswood (acoustic) (GA)

8pm Thayer Sarrano (GA)

9pm Le Blorr (FL)

10pm Cheers Elephant (PA)

11pm Alex Schein (NY)

12am Reddy Set Joey (MA)

1am New Day Dawn (NYC)

Friday 3/16 INSIDE

3pm Solander (Sweden)

4pm Mirel Wagner (Finland)

5pm Alex Schein (NY)

6pm Aliza Hava (LA)

7pm Lady Parts (MA)

8pm Kim Monroe and Chris Eves (NY)

9pm David Allyn (TX)

10pm Jose Alvarez & Mike Ryan (TX)

11pm Dea Dia (CT)

12am TBA

1am TBA

Friday 3/16 OUTSIDE 

3:30pm New Day Dawn (NYC)

5:00pm The Proud Flesh (CT)

6:30pm Betsy King and The Crowns (GA)

8:00pm Mama’s Love (GA)

9:30pm Great Elk (NYC)

11:00pm The Revivalists (LA)

Saturday 3/17 INSIDE

12pm David Allyn (TX)

1pm Dylan DeAnda (TX)

2pm The Asteroid Shop (TX)

3pm David Chalk (NYC)

4pm Aliza Hava (LA)

5pm Elephants Gerald (MD)

6pm Manda Mosher (CA)

7pm Jessica Felman (CA)

8pm Lucius (NYC)

9pm Grace Weber (WI)

10pm TBA

11pm Fierce Creatures (CA)

12am TBA

1am Lauren Tenney and The Terribles (MA)

Saturday 3/17 OUTSIDE

12:30pm The Higher Concept (NYC)

2:00pm Stokeswood (GA)

3:30pm Eyes Lips Eyes (CA)

4:30pm Toy Bombs (CA)

6:00pm Dylan DeAnda Band (TX)

7:30pm Create A Monster

8:30pm Thomas Wynn and The Believers(FL)

10pm Stone Soup (TX)

11pm TBA

Sunday 3/18 OUTSIDE

3:00pm The Spring Standards (NY)

5:00pm Dr. Zog (TX)

What a week it will be! Stay tuned for the schedule and time slots. But really, you should just come down and hang out from dawn til dusk with us.

It’s gonna be a monster! Free admission, All Ages til 9pm, Great Music, Food, and Drink… Austin in 1 WEEK… NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN!!!

Alex Schein (NYC)

Aliza Hava (LA)

Andrew Greacen(NY)

Betsy Kingston and The Crowns (GA)

Brick and Mortar (NJ

Canary (MA)

Charley Orlando (NY)

Cheers Elephants (PA)

David Allyn (TX)

David Chalk (The Northern) (NYC)

Dea Dia (CT)

Dr. Zogg (TX)

Dylan DeAnda (TX)

Elephants Gerald (MD)

Eyes Lips Eyes (CA)

Fierce Creatures (CA)

Grace Weber (WI)

Great Elk (NYC)

Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeats (CA)

Jessica Felman (CA)

Jose Alvarez and Mike Ryan (TX)

Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang (PA)

Kevin Garrett – NYC

Kim Monroe and Chris Eves – NY

Lady Parts (MA)

Lauren Tenney and The Terribles (MA)

Le Blorr (FL)

Lucius (NYC)

Mama’s Love (GA)

Manda Mosher (CA)

Mirel Wagner (Finland)

New Day Dawn (NYC)

Reddy Set Joey (MA)

River City Extension (NJ)

Solander (Sweden)

Soundspeak (NYC)

Sports (NY)

Stokeswood (acoustic) (GA)

Stone Soup (TX)

Thayer Sarrano (GA)

The Asteroid Shop (TX)

The Bottom Dollars (NYC)

The Foreign Resort (Denmark)

The Front Bottoms (NJ)

The Higher Concept (NYC)

The Old Holdouts (TX)

The Proud Flesh (CT)

The Revivalists (LA)

The Spring Standards (NY)

Thomas Wynn and The Believers (FL)

Tom Vickers Band (TX)

Toy Bombs (CA)

Plus 5 more artists selected by the venue!


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Gluttons for punishment?

Nah… Addicts for live music! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the FINAL ROUND of artists performing at NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN’s Inaugural Year!

Fierce Creatures (CA

Grace Weber (WI)

Lucius (NYC

Mama’s Love (GA)

Solander (Sweden)

The Higher Concept (NYC)

Plus 5 more artists selected by the venue!

I have put in an incredible amount of time organizing, coordinating, and otherwise losing sleep over how to make this event a contender against the chaos of 6th Street, and I am 100% positive this will be a complete blast!

Weirdos will be featuring insanely cheap drink and food specials, outdoor entertainment, venders, as well as one of the most spacious venues in Austin. We have all been working very hard to make this event happen, and we did it for the bands, you, and Austin! Come out and have some fucking fun with us!

Please head over to our Facebook event page and rsvp, invite your friends, and come up North for a day or 4… You’ll have a great time with great artists, great drinks, and awesome people!

Give Instant Classic Records a “Like” while you’re at it… Working hard over here 🙂

Thank you guys very much for your support… It all goes down 3/13 at Weirdos!

You didn’t think we were done yet, did you? 😉

We are proud to announce our 2nd round of showcasing acts taking part in the inaugural year of NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN, happening at Weirdo’s from 3/13-18! Here we go!!!

Dea Dia (CT)

Dr. Zogg (TX)

Dylan DeAnda (TX)

Great Elk (NYC)

Laura Tenney and The Terribles (MA)

The Proud Flesh (CT)

The Spring Standards (NY)

Tom Vickers Band (TX)

The Asteroid Shop (TX)

And now for something completely different. After sorting through a zillion emails, destroying cell phone family plan minutes, and negotiating time slots with some very talented and friendly folks, I want to send out an invite to acts that are looking to play. The following time slots are OPEN, and I would like to give you an opportunity to show me what you’ve got and what you’re willing to do to jump on this already insane line up! Check them out, and if you are available for any of these times and would like to play, send me an email with your EPK and/or digi links. Bonus points for Facebook “Likes”, Shares, and Twitter follows. Here they are…


Wednesday 4pm INSIDE

Friday 9pm, 12am, 1am INSIDE

Saturday 8pm, 10pm, 12am INSIDE

Saturday 12:30pm and 7:30pm OUTSIDE

Sunday 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm INSIDE

Sunday 4:30pm and 5:30 pm OUTSIDE


Let’s do this thing!


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Well, here it is! After many emails, phone calls, and lots of caffeine and nicotine, let me be the first to say that i’ve never had more fun in my life.

Instant Classic Records and Weirdos Austin are very proud to present the inaugural edition of NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN!!! Thats right folks!!! We are proud to present NXNA, to  be held at Weirdos the week of SXSW. Why deal with downtown? Come on up North and get a taste of what live music is all about!

From March 13-17th, we will be presenting several artists showcasing their brilliant talent for you to enjoy! The venue offers amazing food, drink, and atmosphere, and is located conveniently AWAY from the chaos of downtown.

Featuring a huge variety of acts from all over the world, a ridiculous food and drink selection, and plenty of space to move around without the all stress of 6th Street, Weirdos has something for everyone! The music starts on Tuesday, 3/13, and goes till Sunday, 3/18.

Official schedule dates and times will be posted closer event time, so please check back for more info. We are very proud and extremely excited to bring you this amazing week of live music and fun atmosphere. Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday is ST PATRICKS’S DAY, and music starts at Noon!

Sunday is our Crawfish Extravaganza!

Its going to be a great week and weekend… Come rock out with us!

Presented by:




MARCH 13th-18th, 2012 @ WEIRDO’S!!!

Alex Schein (NYC)

Aliza Hava (LA)

Andrew Greacen(NY)

Betsy Kington and The Crowns (GA)

Brick and Mortar (NJ

Canary (MA)

Charley Orlando (NY)

Cheers Elephants (PA)

David Allyn (TX)

David Chalk (The Northern) (NYC)

Elephants Gerald (MD)

Eyes Lips Eyes (CA)

Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeat (CA)

Jessica Felman (CA)

Jose Alvarez and Mike Ryan (TX)

Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang (PA)

Kevin Garrett – NYC

Kim Monroe and Chris Eves – NY

Lady Parts (MA)

Le Blorr (FL)

Manda Mosher (CA)

Mirel Wagner (Finland)

New Day Dawn (NYC)

Reddy Set Joey (MA)

River City Extension (NJ)

Soundspeak (NYC)

Sports (NY)

Stokeswood (acoustic) (GA)

Stone Soup (TX)

Thayer Sarrano (GA)

The Bottom Dollars (NYC)

The Foreign Resort (Denmark)

The Front Bottoms (NJ)

The Old Holdouts (TX)

The Revivalists (LA)

Thomas Wynn and The Believers (FL)

Toy Bombs (CA)

…And many more to be announced. Stay tuned for schedule and times, and come have a blast with us!!!

Charley Orlando is just about to take his one-man show on tour for 2 whole months… Talk about a road dog! In addition to his travels, Charley will also be making a stop in Atlanta to begin recording his next album on Milieu Record, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Charley will be a part of NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN FESTIVAL at Weirdo’s on March 13 and 14th, so make sure to come check him out if you are making it to Austin, and wherever you else you may cross his path!!! All dates are listed below:

2/29 Stowe,VT; Rusty Nail
3/1 Plattsburgh, NY; Monopole
3/2 Batavia, NY; Moon Java
3/8 Atlanta, GA; The Music Room
3/13 Austin, TX; Weirdo’s
3/14 Austin, TX; Weirdo’s
3/15 Snyder, TX; Big Apple Deli
3/16 Albuquerque, NM; Low Spirits
3/18 Boulder, CO; Mountain Sun
3/19 Denver, CO; Appaloosa
3/22 Durango, CO; The Summit
3/23 Edwards, CO; Main Street Grille
3/24 Carbondale, CO; Steve’s Guitars
3/25 Manitou Springs, CO; Ancient Mariner
3/26 Denver, CO; Sancho’s
3/28 Jackson Hole, WY; Q Roadhouse
3/30 Boise, ID; Sockeye Brewery
3/31 Payette, ID; Sundance Saloon
4/1 McCall, ID; Crusty’s
4/3 Moscow, ID; John’s Alley
4/5 Coeur d’ Alene, ID; Moon Time
4/6 Friday Harbor, WA; Herb’s
4/7 Friday Harbor, WA; Herb’s
4/8 Seattle, WA; Owl N’ Thistle
4/10 Portland, OR; Papa G’s
4/11 Applegate, OR; Applegate Lodge
4/12 Ashland, OR; Cebolla
4/13 Arcata, CA; Blondies (5pm)
4/13 McKinleyville, CA; Six Rivers (9pm)
4/14 Redding,CA; Vintage Wine Bar
4/15 Occidential, CA; Barley & Hops
4/16 Novato, CA; Finnegan’s Marin
4/18 Santa Monica, CA; Trip
4/20 Benicia, CA; Rellik Tavern
4/23 Denver, CO; TBA
4/26 St. Louis, MO; Plush
4/28 Tivoli, NY; Black Swan
4/29 Bridgeport, CT; The Field
5/4 Binghamton, NY; TBA
5/5 Manlius, NY; Kellish Hill Farm
5/10 Plattsburgh, NY; The Monopole
5/11 Richmond, VT; On The Rise
5/12 Burlington, VT; Nectar’s

Safe travels, Charley! Full N.X.N.A. Lineup coming very soon… GET READY!

Hi folks!

We have been incredibly busy reading emails, listening to bands from all over the world, and generally drinking way too much tea and coffee. I am proud to say that the late nights, used cell phone minutes, and eye strain has all been worth it!

We currently have 25 acts from all over the world performing at the very first “North By North Austin” Festival, taking place at Weirdo’s in N. Austin, and we still have many more acts submitting for us to choose from. I don’t want to brag, but I think we’ve got ourselves a mighty contender.

We will be offering a weeks worth of incredible music from March 13th-18th. Free admission, food and drink specials, easy access from downtown, and located on 3 acres of land… Plenty of room for everybody! The venue will be bringing in art venders from Austin and beyond to offer a wide variety of gift ideas, and bands will undoubtedly have lots of merchandise for sale. We encourage you to help these ambitious, talented folks try to make it to the next level!

If you are making it to SXSW and want to get away from the inevitable clusterfuckery of 6th street, we cordially invite you to come on over, have a drink, watch some incredible artists and bands, and sit for a spell… You may just find your next favorite artist!

Full lineup to be announced soon. If you are an artist or know someone who is looking to showcase their talent in Austin, have them send an EPK and/or all digital media to INSTANTCLASSICRECORDS@GMAIL.COM for consideration.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be putting on this event, and we look forward to having a great time, making lots of new friends, and not getting a whole lot of sleep.

Let’s do this! Stay tuned for a complete lineup!

What’s up everybody?

Here’s a kick in the pants… I have been contacted by a venue booker in Austin, Texas and asked to line up a week worth of showcases.

These will take place during SXSW, March 13-18th, and will run from 3pm until we close the place down.

Will you be in Austin during SXSW? Are you looking for a show/venue to perform at? Does your band want to play? I am looking for 50, yes FIFTY, acts who are intending to be in Austin, or who will make the trip down there to perform.

The goal is 45 minute sets with 15 minute changeovers. I am looking for a wide variety of styles, so show me what you’ve got!

You must be PROFESSIONAL, PUNCTUAL, PROFICIENT, and READY TO PLAY if/when you are scheduled. This is an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of people, get your name out there, and help take your musical career to a new level.

If this is you, or someone you know, please send your EPK and/or links to digital media to for consideration. I will listen to and consider any/all submissions and you will get a reply confirming I have  received your email. Please include days and times you are willing and able to play.

More details to come. Let’s get excited!


Releases, Reunions, and Retail

Posted: January 27, 2012 in News, Releases

Hi folks.

Hopefully you are all super anxious to get your hands on the first-time pressings of PIETASTERS, PILFERS, EDNA’S GOLDFISH, and SUBURBAN LEGENDS vinyl we have coming up! A Big Cartel online store is just about to be complete, and you’ll have a chance to grab your copies via pre-sale. Can we sell it out before it even gets here?!

ICR is also in talks with a post-rock band from far, far away to release their most recent, absolutely amazing album of spacey post-rock. We will keep you posted on this as details come in, so stay tuned… It’ll be worth the wait!

ICM Artist Charley Orlando will be playing a few off-dates before he heads out on his Spring National Tour, which will see him criss-cross the country from the last week of February through April. Always try to show some love to the hardworking performers out there, and check Charley out if he comes your way! All tour dates will be posted once finalized, but you can go HERE for details on what is confirmed so far.

We will hopefully have t-shirts and stickers available very shortly… What size do you all wear and what colors do you like? Make sure to check us out on Facebook and follow along on Twitter!

Thanks everybody!