Updates and Info. The Records Are Coming!

Posted: May 30, 2012 in News

Hey everybody! It’s been a minute since i’ve posted up, but it’s because we’ve been very busy working on projects and getting things in motion for the future. Who ever thought a record label could be so much work?!

First the good news… ALL of our records should be here within the next few weeks. The delays were due to 1) a flaw in the stampers for the Pilfers vinyl and 2) RSD 2012, but the error has was corrected and the pressing plants are all back to normal admid the chaos of vinyl junkies and strict deadlines. How much money did YOU spend this year??? I look forward to the opportunity to participate in a release in the future.

To refresh your head, our first releases are THE PIETASTERS, THE PILFERS, SUBURBAN LEGENDS, and EDNA’S GOLDFISH!!! We are incredibly proud to bring you these four records, on vinyl for the first time, and look forward to putting many more awesome releases into your hands.

Regarding submissions, there are several artists who have expressed an interest in releasing music with ICR, and we are honored and delighted at the responses we’ve received. If you have any artists or bands you’d like to submit, feel free to send stuff over and i’ll check it out. Please… NO MP3’s in the email 🙂

Lastly, ICM is no longer handling managerial duties for Charley Orlando, but we will be helping him with publicity needs as they occur.  Make sure to catch him on his next run of dates and add him up on Facebook.

Won’t be long, folks… our first releases are so close, I can almost smell the wax.

Listen to more music. Go to more shows. Support your scene(s).

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