Who likes records?!

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

It took a solid week of early nights, but Austin recovery is more or less complete.

Things are moving along very nicely with the 90’s Ska vinyl project, and we expect to have Pilfers, Pietasters, Edna’s Goldfish, and Suburban Legends records in just a few short weeks! As a long time fan of all these acts, it is a pleasure to be able to help keep their music and legacy alive!

To speak briefly on the NXNA experience, I had a fantastic time meeting and watching literally hundreds of talented, ambitious musicians take the stage. Though there were a few technical difficulties and flubs along the way, every act conducted themselves professionally and played their hearts out… Kudos to everyone!

We are in talks with a few artists for management and recording possibilities at this time, and will be updating shortly as things come together.

Check out our store for cover art and details on the upcoming releases, and check back often for updates as they occur. Thanks so much for being a fan and friend to ICR!

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