NXNA Daily Schedule and Time Slots Announcement!

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Commentary

Good morning Austin… The music begins TODAY at Weirdos!

Below is the entire list of schedule performers and their time slots. We have a few special guests lined up, so you’ll just have to come by to see what plans we have in store! RSVP at our Facebook and show your support!

We have been asked to begin scheduling NXNA 2 already, and will actively seeking submissions from artists beginning MARCH 22ND.

Amazing talent, 3 fully stocked bars with great food and drink,TONS (i’m not kidding) TONS of space, volleyball courts, free admission, ALL AGES until 9pm, and definitely one of the coolest spots I have ever seen in my life… Come on down! Again, music begins at 3pm!

North By North Austin Time Slots:

Tuesday 3/13 INSIDE 

3pm Kim Monroe and Chris Eves (NY)

4pm Elephants Gerald  (MD)

5pm The Spring Standards (NY)

6pm Kevin Garrett (NYC)

7pm Andrew Greacen  (NY)

8pm Tom Vickers Band (TX)

9pm The Old Holdouts (TX)

11pm Soundspeak (NYC)

12am Charley Orlando (NY)

Wednesday 3/14 INSIDE

3pm Canary (MA)

4pm TBA

5pm The Foreign Resort (Denmark)

6pm Alex Schein (NYC)

7pm David Allyn (TX)

8pm Charley Orlando (NY)

10pm A/C/D Jam (NY/TX)

11pm The Bottom Dollars (NYC)

12am Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeats (CA)

1am Juston Stens and The G.R.G. (PA)

Thursday 3/15 INSIDE 

3pm Sports (NY)

4pm Brick and Mortar (NJ TAKEOVER)

5pm The Front Bottoms (NJ TAKEOVER)

6pm River City Extension (NJ TAKEOVER)

7pm Stokeswood (acoustic) (GA)

8pm Thayer Sarrano (GA)

9pm Le Blorr (FL)

10pm Cheers Elephant (PA)

11pm Alex Schein (NY)

12am Reddy Set Joey (MA)

1am New Day Dawn (NYC)

Friday 3/16 INSIDE

3pm Solander (Sweden)

4pm Mirel Wagner (Finland)

5pm Alex Schein (NY)

6pm Aliza Hava (LA)

7pm Lady Parts (MA)

8pm Kim Monroe and Chris Eves (NY)

9pm David Allyn (TX)

10pm Jose Alvarez & Mike Ryan (TX)

11pm Dea Dia (CT)

12am TBA

1am TBA

Friday 3/16 OUTSIDE 

3:30pm New Day Dawn (NYC)

5:00pm The Proud Flesh (CT)

6:30pm Betsy King and The Crowns (GA)

8:00pm Mama’s Love (GA)

9:30pm Great Elk (NYC)

11:00pm The Revivalists (LA)

Saturday 3/17 INSIDE

12pm David Allyn (TX)

1pm Dylan DeAnda (TX)

2pm The Asteroid Shop (TX)

3pm David Chalk (NYC)

4pm Aliza Hava (LA)

5pm Elephants Gerald (MD)

6pm Manda Mosher (CA)

7pm Jessica Felman (CA)

8pm Lucius (NYC)

9pm Grace Weber (WI)

10pm TBA

11pm Fierce Creatures (CA)

12am TBA

1am Lauren Tenney and The Terribles (MA)

Saturday 3/17 OUTSIDE

12:30pm The Higher Concept (NYC)

2:00pm Stokeswood (GA)

3:30pm Eyes Lips Eyes (CA)

4:30pm Toy Bombs (CA)

6:00pm Dylan DeAnda Band (TX)

7:30pm Create A Monster

8:30pm Thomas Wynn and The Believers(FL)

10pm Stone Soup (TX)

11pm TBA

Sunday 3/18 OUTSIDE

3:00pm The Spring Standards (NY)

5:00pm Dr. Zog (TX)

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