Posted: February 27, 2012 in News

Well, here it is! After many emails, phone calls, and lots of caffeine and nicotine, let me be the first to say that i’ve never had more fun in my life.

Instant Classic Records and Weirdos Austin are very proud to present the inaugural edition of NORTH BY NORTH AUSTIN!!! Thats right folks!!! We are proud to present NXNA, to  be held at Weirdos the week of SXSW. Why deal with downtown? Come on up North and get a taste of what live music is all about!

From March 13-17th, we will be presenting several artists showcasing their brilliant talent for you to enjoy! The venue offers amazing food, drink, and atmosphere, and is located conveniently AWAY from the chaos of downtown.

Featuring a huge variety of acts from all over the world, a ridiculous food and drink selection, and plenty of space to move around without the all stress of 6th Street, Weirdos has something for everyone! The music starts on Tuesday, 3/13, and goes till Sunday, 3/18.

Official schedule dates and times will be posted closer event time, so please check back for more info. We are very proud and extremely excited to bring you this amazing week of live music and fun atmosphere. Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday is ST PATRICKS’S DAY, and music starts at Noon!

Sunday is our Crawfish Extravaganza!

Its going to be a great week and weekend… Come rock out with us!

Presented by:




MARCH 13th-18th, 2012 @ WEIRDO’S!!!

Alex Schein (NYC)

Aliza Hava (LA)

Andrew Greacen(NY)

Betsy Kington and The Crowns (GA)

Brick and Mortar (NJ

Canary (MA)

Charley Orlando (NY)

Cheers Elephants (PA)

David Allyn (TX)

David Chalk (The Northern) (NYC)

Elephants Gerald (MD)

Eyes Lips Eyes (CA)

Jeff Hershey and The Heartbeat (CA)

Jessica Felman (CA)

Jose Alvarez and Mike Ryan (TX)

Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang (PA)

Kevin Garrett – NYC

Kim Monroe and Chris Eves – NY

Lady Parts (MA)

Le Blorr (FL)

Manda Mosher (CA)

Mirel Wagner (Finland)

New Day Dawn (NYC)

Reddy Set Joey (MA)

River City Extension (NJ)

Soundspeak (NYC)

Sports (NY)

Stokeswood (acoustic) (GA)

Stone Soup (TX)

Thayer Sarrano (GA)

The Bottom Dollars (NYC)

The Foreign Resort (Denmark)

The Front Bottoms (NJ)

The Old Holdouts (TX)

The Revivalists (LA)

Thomas Wynn and The Believers (FL)

Toy Bombs (CA)

…And many more to be announced. Stay tuned for schedule and times, and come have a blast with us!!!

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