$13,641 on Kickstarter campaign. HOT DAMN!

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Releases

Hey everybody.

Some great news… As you can see by the title, Flood and Justin (Asbestos and Underground Communique) had some huge success by raising $13,641 for the 3rd Wave 90’s Ska reissue featuring The Pilfers s/t, The Pietasters “Oolooloo,” Edna’s Goldfish “Before You Knew Better,” and Suburban Legends “Rumpshaker.” Huge congrats to all involved and a big thank you to everyone who pledged your support.

Now the good stuff. As mentioned, ICR is a principle backer in this endeavor. The money just cleared yesterday, and RECORDS ARE GOING TO PRESS AS WE SPEAK!

We will be getting (25) copies of each record, along with copies of an exclusive 7″ record by a legendary act. Ordering information will be made available very shortly right here, and we will be placing links on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

There will be (10) packages available containing all 5 records, and we may throw in some added goodies as well.

Once these records are gone, they’re GONE!

Help us spread the word by visiting our Facebook page and Twitter feeds, and give us a “Like” and a follow. If you have any questions, email instantclassicrecords@gmail.com


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