Release News, Updates and Charley Orlando in Vermont!

Posted: January 11, 2012 in News, Releases

What’s up everybody? I hope you have had enough time to get back into the swing of things after the holiday break. The response to the site has been amazing, and I appreciate your support!

Some excellent news on the album release front! The Kickstarter campaign that we have contributed to has done EXTREMELY well, so well that Flood (Asbestos Records) and Justin (Underground Communique) have offered an incentive if we manage to  hit 12k before time is up. So here ya go!

EVERYONE who contributes $20 or more to the funding will get a limited edition 7″ record with their purchase. We’re not saying what it is, but it’s from an incredible band and definitely worth the cash, especially as a freebie coupled with another awesome record! But time is running out, so stop by the Kickstarter campaign HERE and get in before it is too late.

On the live music front, we are proud to announce a partnership with ABLETON for ICM artist Charley Orlando, who will be heading up to Vermont tomorrow, 1/11, for a 4 day run in Ski Country! How are the slopes up there, anyway?

Dates and Times are as follows:

1/11/12 Radio Bean – Burlington, Vt. 6-8pm (Acoustic Set)

1/12/12 Rusty Nail – Stowe, Vt. 6-9pm

1/13/11 Moogs – Morrisville, Vt. 9pm-12am

1/14/12 Spruce Peak Resort – Stowe, Vt. 2-6pm (Early Show!)

Make sure to stop out and have yourself a drink if you are in the area! Charley’s new album, “Root,” is available for purchase right now, and we are working towards bringing back some of his long-out-of-print catalogue. Excellent stuff!

Lastly, I.C.R. has secured office space and is currently looking into t-shirts, stickers, and merchandise for our introductory webstore to compliment what we be an awesome first batch of releases! I would like to thank Turo Design for doing an amazing job on our first logo!

Please do ICR a favor and give us a “Like” on our Facebook page, and follow along with us on Twitter! If you have any question, comments, submissions, or just want to say what’s up, hit us at

Do it up!

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