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The Fad, Inspecter 7, and The Scofflaws have been added to THE APPLE STOMP at Irving Plaza in NYC on May 31st and June 1st.

We couldn’t be happier or more excited at how this event is turning out! Not to be missed, make sure to grab your tickets now if you want a 2 day pass, or be quick and grab a day pass to either show tomorrow.

It’s gonna be a rager… Get ready to have a whole lot of fun!!!

apple stomp

Hey everybody,

As you know, APPLE STOMP is coming to Irving Plaza in NYC on May 31st and June 1st. Boasting an incredible lineup curated by our friends at Asbestos Records, we are beyond excited to help bring you (arguably and to date) the best Ska lineup you’ll see all year in the US and beyond. I mean, I haven’t seen anything this good since, well, ever!

Tickets for this monster go live at 12 PM TODAY, and there are app. 1,000 2-day passes available. Price is $55 for both days before Livenation fees (which will probably be exorbitant, but we have zero control over this and apologize.) Once the 2-day passes are gone, the show will be sold out. If 2-day passes do not sell out, there will be a limited number of single day tickets available. But then, why would you only want to see 1 day?!

Click RIGHT HERE for the tickets at NOON TODAY, and thank you all very much for your support. This is going to be an incredible time, so don’t miss out… Join us!




apple stomp

After months of planning and a whole lot of waiting, we are very proud to announce the first ever APPLE STOMP, taking place at Irving Plaza in NYC on May 31st and June 1st courtesy of our friends at Asbestos Records and a host of awesome sponsors!

In addition to an anxiously awaited reunion by Metal-Ska band THUMPER, the lineup also includes a host of other tremendous Ska Acts including THE SUICIDE MACHINES, THE SLACKERS, PILFERS, SPRING HEELED JACK, MU330, MEPHISKAPHELES, MURPHY’S LAW, WESTBOUND TRAIN, METRO STYLEE, BIGGER THOMAS, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM BRAIN, and more to be announced shortly.

THIS WILL SELL OUT. Do NOT wait to get tickets.

UPDATED: Here’s the ticket link! http://concerts.livenation.com/event/00004A89CC55DDCB

Hi everyone and hope you all had a great summer this year! We’ve been plenty busy over here and are very happy to announce that the second round of the 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Society record series has been successfully funded. We are proud to add (4) more legendary bands and amazing records to our catalogue.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to be able to help bring these albums to vinyl, and know they are going to get you moving when they hit your turntable! We still have a small number of records left from the first round of releases, so make sure to scoop those up! 8 records in 1 year… Not too shabby 🙂

Thank you for your continued support! Now for the records…

The Bruce Lee Band self-titled (Mike Park from Asian Man Records with Less Than Jake backing him up!)

The Toasters “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down” – 2xLP, featuring unreleased tracks and artwork direct from the Toasters archive.

The Slackers “International War Criminal” – w/ bonus unreleased tracks

Stubborn All Stars “Back With A New Batch” (NYC Supergroup featuring Django and Skinnerbox)

Get pumped!!!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while and we are busier than ever. The first batch of records arrived and they are fantastic! We still have a few left, so get them before the are all gone!

A new Kickstarter has been launched for (4) new records, and they are classics again! The Bruce Lee Band, The Toasters, The Stubborn All-Stars, and The Slackers are all in the pot, and you can help! Go to Kickstarter HERE and make a pledge.

Lots coming up, and check out www.livehighfive.com to read interviews and reviews of some of the best acts out there!

Hi everybody,

After a long wait, the 90’s Ska Preservation Society records are now officially in stock! Head to our Big Cartel site or message us directly for details!

We have (25) of each, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Thank you so much for your patience… Now reap the reward and pick up 4 classics on vinyl for the first time. Yes!

What’s up everybody!

Well, though it has been an incredibly long wait and i’ve told you about a zillion times that the 3rd Wave Ska Preservation Records, including The Pietasters, The Pilfers, Suburban Legends, and Edna’s Goldfish, would be here anytime now, it looks like that may actually happen in the next few days. It really sucks that I will not have them available for the Summer of Ska 2012 shows happening in Upstate NY today and tomorrow, but life is tough sometimes.

Regardless, I have it on good authority that the records will be shipping out today, and contingent upon how long the delivery takes from Connecticut, I should have them very shortly. Again, there are only (25) copies of each record available through ICR, and I don’t expect them to last very long. If you know me, you can get them direct. If not, please go to our Big Cartel website and place a pre-order so you don’t miss out. These are all excellent records that have stood the test of time, and it is an honor to be associated with their first-time vinyl release!

We are constantly listening to lots of music and looking for acts who have the right stuff! If you think you’ve got what it takes, shoot us an email with your EPK and digital media.

Thank you guys very much for your support, and be ready in the next few days… The Records Are Coming (For real, this time.)

Hey everybody! It’s been a minute since i’ve posted up, but it’s because we’ve been very busy working on projects and getting things in motion for the future. Who ever thought a record label could be so much work?!

First the good news… ALL of our records should be here within the next few weeks. The delays were due to 1) a flaw in the stampers for the Pilfers vinyl and 2) RSD 2012, but the error has was corrected and the pressing plants are all back to normal admid the chaos of vinyl junkies and strict deadlines. How much money did YOU spend this year??? I look forward to the opportunity to participate in a release in the future.

To refresh your head, our first releases are THE PIETASTERS, THE PILFERS, SUBURBAN LEGENDS, and EDNA’S GOLDFISH!!! We are incredibly proud to bring you these four records, on vinyl for the first time, and look forward to putting many more awesome releases into your hands.

Regarding submissions, there are several artists who have expressed an interest in releasing music with ICR, and we are honored and delighted at the responses we’ve received. If you have any artists or bands you’d like to submit, feel free to send stuff over and i’ll check it out. Please… NO MP3’s in the email 🙂

Lastly, ICM is no longer handling managerial duties for Charley Orlando, but we will be helping him with publicity needs as they occur.  Make sure to catch him on his next run of dates and add him up on Facebook.

Won’t be long, folks… our first releases are so close, I can almost smell the wax.

Listen to more music. Go to more shows. Support your scene(s).

Ever feel like a piece of your childhood was taken away from you?

Instant Classic Records would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of legendary bassist Lloyd Brevett of The Skatalites and Adam “MCA” Yauch from The Beastie Boys.

I would like to thank them for their outstanding contributions to music and their incredible influence on culture. At the end of the day, we are all human… No one gets out of this life alive. The most important thing to do now is make sure their music lives on.

So crack a beer, crank your stereo, and celebrate their creations!

Rest in Peace, guys.

Who likes records?!

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Hi everyone,

It took a solid week of early nights, but Austin recovery is more or less complete.

Things are moving along very nicely with the 90’s Ska vinyl project, and we expect to have Pilfers, Pietasters, Edna’s Goldfish, and Suburban Legends records in just a few short weeks! As a long time fan of all these acts, it is a pleasure to be able to help keep their music and legacy alive!

To speak briefly on the NXNA experience, I had a fantastic time meeting and watching literally hundreds of talented, ambitious musicians take the stage. Though there were a few technical difficulties and flubs along the way, every act conducted themselves professionally and played their hearts out… Kudos to everyone!

We are in talks with a few artists for management and recording possibilities at this time, and will be updating shortly as things come together.

Check out our store for cover art and details on the upcoming releases, and check back often for updates as they occur. Thanks so much for being a fan and friend to ICR!